Video Premiere: Spillage – “Phase Four”

Photo courtesy of Spillage

Spillage present the title track from their forthcoming album, Phase Four, out September 8 via Qumran Records. A statement from the band’s PR explains:

Phase Four conceptualized science gone wrong by using it for power over humanity and questioning if this is the ‘end of days.’ The song moves to eventually considering whether people themselves will ever consider taking back control from the ‘mad’ people using this science for their own agendas. Tony jokingly referred to keyboardist Paul Rau as ‘the Mad Scientist,’ and building on that theme, Spillage created a video that followed the story. Bassist Billy McGuffey created the album artwork using Paul’s likeness as the model, which lended the story a bit of a comic book vibe. Paul, being a teacher at a Catholic School, appreciated the gesture, stating that Billy ‘made me the coolest teacher ever…”

The riff-heavy doom band have been around for over 10 years now, and the sound of their new record stays in touch with their initial doom roots while also channeling influence from different genres across the heavy music spectrum. This track prepares us for the absolute devastation that will ensue after the album drops.

Phase Four was coproduced by Bruce Franklin from the band Trouble and also features Bruce on backing vocals for the track ‘Nothing To See.'”

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