Album Premiere: Blast No.1 – Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative

Type O Negative compilation

Today we kick off the work week on Labor Day in the USA. Although I moved away from NYC a few years ago, I spent my last Labor Day in the city getting day-drunk at Duff’s in Brooklyn. There are tributes to Peter Steele of Type O Negative all over the bar. He was a larger than life part of the borough’s history, and his impact on NYC heavy music endures to this day. Today we honor that history with a killer compilation called Blast No.1 – Blastbeat Tribute To Type O Negative. 783Punx put together this rabid homage including 19 covers from some absolutely nasty bands. Grind, crust, D-beat, powerviolence, death metal, anything fast and filthy.

Steele’s music with Carnivore is a great place to start comparisons. A few Type O Negative songs already capture this compilation’s spirit (“We Hate Everyone” comes pre-punked up). But since they’re known more for gothic gloom, there are some truly inspired covers on this comp. Verano’s Dogs awesomely mangle the erotic doom opus “Love You To Death” like a rottweiler chewing your sex toy. Also from October Rust, “Be My Druidess” is reduced to pulpy chum by Bottom until they slow down for an orgiastic finish. A little over a year ago I premiered a new record by Abaddon Incarnate. Their cover of “Dead Again” is pure hell, and a reminder of how hard they rip.

“When I talked to the bands, I gave them just one condition,” explains Edi of 783Punx. “Take a slow and long [Type O Negative] song and convert it into short and super-fast grindcore song, but try to keep it as recognizable as possible. This release was born from love to both Type O Negative and obscure grind. Does this combination sound weird to you? Perhaps, but is it one of the most honest, surprising, and innovative tribute albums you would ever hear. You’ve been warned!”

Press play on the playlist of 19 videos/tracks below.

Order your copy from 783Punx and browse the variants HERE