Blast Worship: Gendo Ikari

Where they from?
Glasgow, Scotland. Alright, here is my yearly preseason Super Bowl prediction that is always 100 percent failsafe accurate: Bengals over Cowboys. Yes, that was as painful to type out as it was for you to read, but come this February you can take that shit to the bank!

Why the hype?
Despite knowing of their existence since roughly 2018, I can safely say that this is one band that continuously blows me away at every step. Imagine combining the downtuned mathematics of fellow Scots Fawn Limbs but with generous helpings of the Leeds style gonzo-violence and you sort to get a general idea of what this band sounds like. Good grindcore needs just a little bit of that dissonant skronk to really make it stand out and this band has it in spades.

Latest Release?
Rokubungi, self-released. For a debut full-length this one truly has it all: blistering, weird, erratic and even an Iron Maiden tease?? Let me just say this: I got up at 10am last year at Obscene Extreme to see these guys play to a bunch of bleary-eyed crusties and volunteers with face tattoos and they CRUSHED. You would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn’t check this shit out, top quality AOTY material right here.