Track Premiere: Rid of Me – ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Die’

Photo: Mark Diehl

Philly noise rock/punk crew Rid of Me made a few waves with their debut album, Traveling, in December 2021 and they’re back this winter with Access to the Lonely, their sophomore album. Taking a solid mixture of melodic punk and blown-out noise rock and mixing it with bassist/singer Itarya Rosenberg’s “PJ-Harvey-but-snarling-and-yelling” vocals, Rid of Me have found a winning and riotous formula.

If you’re new to the band, new single “I’m So Lonesome I Could Die” is a great starting point to hear all of the aforementioned qualities. As Rosenberg tells Decibel, the song is about a particularly messy breakup.

“Have you ever been through a breakup that was insanely drawn out / every two seconds you are like, “What is happening?’ ‘Til you get to that point where you are legit like I don’t even have words anymore? Also, I don’t care how badly you wanna fuck other people / please leave me alone? Well I was experiencing such a breakup while writing this record and I vented harsh through this song.”

Listen to the new song below; Access to the Lonely is out on November 3 via Knife Hits and Den of Wax.