Blast Worship: Chiens

Where they from?
France. At long last, NFL season is seeing its way creep back into the picture. Autumn is a magical time for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that we get to watch grown men in tights chase each other for three hours on Sunday and briefly feel like we contributed because at one point we yelled at the TV when the refs made a bad call. That and Halloween is pretty chill.

Why the hype?
Much like the fall I am also a huge fan of GRINDVIOLENCE. Now I know, you’re probably shaking your head as I try to make another tiny microgenre into an actual thing (HYPERGOREBLAST IS REAL, DAD) but I feel like the term grindviolence at least has a little bit of history outside of this beloved series, especially in reference to the french unit we are focusing on this week. It’s basically all the things we love about European style grind mixed with the tiniest hint of fastcore and boom, you have the perfect formula for music specifically designed to eviscerate people’s faces.

Latest release?
1.8.7. Myself out now on Bones Brigade Records. This record has everything any grindviolence fan (of which I assure you there are at least dozens of us) could want. Punky riffs but mixed with the blistering drumming of Nasum-influenced eurogrind. What more could anyone want? BRING ON FOOTBALL!!!