Video Premiere: Varmia – “Oddal”


Varmia just released “Oddal,” the first of three new songs being released over the next few months to hype up their forthcoming release, out soon via M-Theory Audio.

The black metal track conjures up the feelings of cold, despair, and isolation, perfect for the coming months—depending on the part of the world you’re in, that is.

“In the near future, we will share our three new pieces,” the band says. “A musical and visual triptych which in fact is a prologue to what’s next to come. For the first time in our history, we’ve felt that the album needs some sort of introduction, opening. So here’s the first lift of the veil. ‘Oddal’ is a Polish word for seclusion, distance and isolation. We invite you there.”

Varmia was formed in 2016 by vocalist, guitarist, and composer Lasota with a mission of fusing black metal with musical influences that pay tribute to the ancient Baltic tribes of the historical Warmia region of northern Poland. He says, “With two releases so far, Varmia has shouted out the voice of our land mainly on the Polish soil—the voice of disquiet, passion, and agitation. It is now time to hear it echo throughout the whole world. Varmia still has many stories to tell, and we are very excited to work with such well-respected people from overseas. We have many spirits yet to summon.”

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