Video Premiere: Casket Robbery – “Post-Mortem”

The creepy factor (and gore factor!) is high in the latest video, “Post-Mortem,” from Wisconsin death metal wreckers Casket Robbery. As you can probably ascertain from the song’s title, the video leans heavily into the autopsy theme, with plenty of blood and guts. The creepiest part, however, may well be the female voice calmly intoning, “your flesh is seemingly pulling away without any difficulty. It’s very strange,” before the sonic aggression even begins.

The track itself grinds between sludgy old-school death metal pounding and furious, melodic lead work, with the demonic roar of vocalist Megan Orvold-Scheider over the top of it all. “Post-Mortem” is taken from band’s second full-length, Rituals of Death, which was produced and engineered at Unintended Studios by Troy Powell, and mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson. The video was the work of Austin Scherzberg and features performance footage of the band—Cory Scheider (guitars), Troy Powell (guitars), Bryan Bykowski (bass), Erik Schultek (drums)—playing in a house that looks like it’s straight out of a horror movie. Rituals of Death is set for release on CD and digitally on November 11, via Blood Blast Distribution. You can place your digital preorder here and CD and merch bundles are available here.

Here’s vocalist Megan Orvold-Scheider’s take on the video:

“It’s no secret Casket Robbery are influenced by horror, and ‘Post-Mortem’ is no exception. Stylistically this song departs from what I think most people would expect of us and it was so fun to create. It tells the incredibly dark story of a body being autopsied and things being found that are very far from normal. A being trapped in a body still very much alive, but dormant, as the autopsy awakens the curses placed upon her to keep her dormant. We shot the video in Brodhead Manor—a very haunted, old schoolhouse in Brodhead, WI—and we had a blast creating this!

And guitarist Cory Scheider had this to say about it:

“This song started out as that slow pummeling riff you hear in the verses. We intentionally wanted to write something slow and different, and when Megan started putting her lyrics to this we started to add the eerie guitar melody, clean sung vocals, and the intro quote to set this song off. It all brought the song to a level we didn’t imagine initially. We’re very happy to have Amy Blue from Bluewhisper ASMR as the guest speaker on this track!”