Hear New ALL OUT WAR Track “Glorious Devastation” & Pre-Order New LP ‘Celestial Rot’ on Decibel-Exclusive Vinyl!

Metallic hardcore heroes All Out War have long leaned harder into the the “metallic” area of their sub-genre tag than the “hardcore” region. And “Glorious Devastation,” the first track from their forthcoming new LP Celestial Rot, might be the most sinister-sounding song they’ve ever released. Recorded by guitarist Taras Apuzzo and mixed/mastered by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Studios (Teeth, Rotting Out), the band’s debut for Philly-based Translation Loss heralds a dark new chapter for these New York metalcore masters.

“‘Glorious Devastation’ represents the dark path humanity has embarked upon,” says vocalist Mike Score. “It’s a twisted journey towards an apocalyptic end that will cleanse the earth of a tortured and corrupt existence. We chose this song because we felt it captured the essence of the album both lyrically and sonically. We thought it was a fantastic representation of where the band is headed musically.

“The title Celestial Rot expresses the decay of not only this world, but the dogma that has helped bring us here. The fall of the earthly realm, as well as the spiritual realm.

“We are excited for this release because we touch on influences that we have not tapped into previously. Celestial Rot represents a new direction and a new chapter for All Out War.  A new voyage that we are enthusiastically embracing.”

Dig it? Well, now we’ll give you what you’re thirsting for: A Decibel exclusive edition on Celestial Rot on Bone White vinyl limited to 100 copies! Our limited edition comes packed with a double-sided insert, and features apocalyptic album artwork by Alexandre Goulet.

The end is always near, secure your copy or revel in misery!

NOTE: This is a preorder that is due to be released around February 3, 2023. All details, including release date, are subject to change.