Track Premiere: Sargas – ‘Home’

Sargas take a multi-genre approach to their songs. The soft piano and sung vocals that open the band’s new single “Home” are deceptive—around the two-minute mark, the Iranian quintet turn on their amps and launch into a melodic death/doom track.

Over its eight-minute runtime, Sargas tackle a variety of sounds. When the piano fades to guitar, the band begin by playing a cross between black and melodic death metal, guiding it gracefully into somber death/doom. Vocalist Saleh Rezaei’s mournful, reverberating growls match the gloomy tone of the music before the band picks up speed again and ends on a faster, melodic note, due in part to a solo from lead guitarist Arsalan Soltani.

“Home is our response to some recent personal losses some of our members suffered, and centers around the concept of death ending a person’s suffering,” Sargas tell Decibel. “Lyrically, we tried to highlight the tranquility and peace that comes after death and that it ends all of our suffering in life. The more the suffering, the more the tranquility after dying, up to the point where death becomes an eternal ‘Home’ for us. ‘Home’ was written before, during and after the passing of two of the members’ loved ones and is meant as a way to honor their memory as well as channel that grief and hopefully help anyone who is dealing with similar loss. Fans should expect a plethora of heavier songs as we are currently in the mixing process of our upcoming debut album and will be releasing singles from the album soon.”

Iranian label Tough Records will release the band’s debut album at a later date. For now, listen to “Home” below.