Full Album Stream: Craven Idol – “Forked Tongues”

Forked Tongues, the latest and third album from black/death worshippers Craven Idol, comes roaring in with all the energy of the vikings that inspired bands like Bathory. I’s those bands like Bathory, Master’s Hammer, Mercyful Fate and Sodom that inspire Craven Idol’s old-school-styled black/thrash.

Conceptually, Forked Tongues is a sequel devised by the band to the Greek myth which saw the titan Typhon lose in battle to Zeus, which ended with the titan’s eternal imprisonment underneath Mount Aetna. Forked Tongues tells the story of Typhon’s escape and return to challenge Zeus again—this time, though, the gods have been weakened over millennia of excess.

The intensity of the music matches a story about Greek gods and titans. Not only is every player each member of Craven Idol extremely talented, they each play with a notable fervor and intensity. Forked Tongues has an in-your-face quality and attitude that many bands struggle to achieve off of the stage.

Forked Tongues marks the 15th anniversary of Craven Idol, and is an accumulation of everything that came before it,” guitarist and vocalist Sadistik Wrath says. “That said, I believe we have taken things up a notch or two.

“With a steady lineup for the past seven years, we have worked to truly perfect our craft in the name of old school extreme metal. We started writing for the record right after completing The Shackles Of Mammon, never losing momentum. A European tour with Mystifier followed, during which we wrought a powerful live sound… one that we later took to Vagrant Studios and applied to Forked Tongues.

“The cover artwork by Eliran Kantor displays a vista of the world in chaos, as Typhon—the father of all monsters—challenges Zeus to battle for universal supremacy. The album acts as a part II to the ancient Greek myth, telling the tale of Typhon’s terrible return.”

Forked Tongues is out on July 23 via Dark Descent.