Track Premiere: Forhist – ‘II’

Forhist, the new solo black metal project from Blut Aus Nord guitarist and vocalist Vindsval, doesn’t seek to reinvent the wheel, but rather to embrace the genre’s past. Inspired by the ’90s Norwegian black metal scene, Vindsval takes a minimalist approach to aesthetics, simply naming each of the eight tracks with a corresponding Roman numeral so as not to take the focus from the music.

Today, Decibel partners with Forhist to stream “II,” the second track on Forhist. Whereas the first song, “I,” attempted to convey a dreamlike atmosphere, “II” is biting and cold, representing the aggressive side of the black metal scene Forhist is inspired by.

Those expecting a level of experimentation or avant garde based on Vindsval’s involvement with Blut Aus Nord will be disappointed, but those looking for a tried-and-true, faithful approach to black metal will find plenty to love about Forhist, out February 26 on Debemur Morti; “II” is streaming below.