Album Premiere: SNOW – ‘Fast N´Heavy Loud N´Slow’

SNOW Band Photo

If you like Black Flag and blurring genre lines at maximum volume, SNOW is for you. SNOW is a new sludge punk project from Rodrigo Neves (Tigersharks), with assistance from remote collaborators. While their influences are numerous, the band rages in the same battlegrounds inhabited by Black Flag’s legendary My War record. In his spirited performances on vocals/guitars/drums, Neves conjures the grit and grime of many seminal sludge releases. In a perfect example of honest advertising, SNOW’s debut is titled Fast N´Heavy Loud N´Slow. Decibel is psyched to share an exclusive stream of this raucous record, available for the first time today. Listen now, as Red Garage Records (operated by the album’s engineer and lead guitarist Andrez Machado) supports the record’s release.

From the first roaring riff of “Skate Fast Die Hard,” SNOW captures the primitive blasts of The Shrine. As the opening track bleeds into “Prensado,” Neves’ vocals ride the barrier between 420 drone and hardcore barks. Although the intersection of hardcore punk and Sabbathian stoner doom helped create sludge, SNOW also remind the listener that grunge helped define the genre as well. While rippers like “Perfect Lies” and “Paradoxical Conflicts” keep the punk energy simmering, there’s a mid-paced stomp throughout the album that invokes the Seattle power-slop of Melvins. In “Crying Eyes,” they bridge the gap between sneering proto-punk like The Stooges and the misanthropic murk of Eyehategod. The album is an invigorating debut full of speed and swagger, honoring the many ingredients that shaped the sludge genre. Listen now, and improve your winter with SNOW.

Come get your good vibes from Hell by pressing play below.

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