Track Premiere: Arkona – ‘Age of Capricorn’

Arkona are just a few weeks away from ushering in the Age of Capricorn with the release of their seventh album. Nearly three decades into their career, the Polish black metal quartet—led by founding guitarist Khorzon—burn as brightly on Age of Capricorn‘s title track as they did in the early ’90s.

Aided by a flurry of icy riffs and an intense-but-clean production job, “Age of Capricorn” feels like the sonic equivalent to being trapped in the eye of a storm: despite the chaotic and turbulent nature of the song, Arkona keep things neat and controlled. The end result is a song and album that black metal devotees would be mistaken to miss out on as the year and decade draw to a close.

Listen to “Age of Capricorn” below. Arkona are set to release the album on December 13 via Debemur Morti; European and North American pre-orders are now available.