Video Premiere: Misery Index – ‘Decline and Fall’

Deathgrind kings Misery Index have already enjoyed a stellar 2019, releasing sixth album Rituals of Power to universally-positive reviews (including a spot on Decibel‘s year-end list) but the year isn’t over yet and Misery Index aren’t done.

“Decline and Fall,” the second track on Rituals of Power, gets the music video treatment but it comes with a chilling message from the politically-minded band.

“All civilizations fall [and] decline and, in the present, its members grapple dually with the lamentation of its demise and the hopefulness of new beginnings,” Misery Index tell Decibel. “This is us expressing precisely that.”

You can watch the video for “Decline and Fall” below. Rituals of Power is out now via Season of Mist.