Track Premiere: Wormhole – ‘The Weakest Among Us’

There’s nothing like starting the week with a little technical death metal, right? Baltimore-based quartet Wormhole come to the table with “The Weakest Among Us,” the title track to their forthcoming second album. Wormhole—who feature members of Cognitive, Equipoise and others—combine riff-driven tech death with plenty of slams and brutality in a way that’s straightforward but effective.

On the title track, Wormhole blast off at light speed with blast beats, dissonant riffs and deep gutturals, plus a slam or two, before making a quick detour with a melodic solo that quickly gives way to the most brutal part of “The Weakest Among Us.”

Decibel spoke with guitarist Sanil Kumar to answer a few questions about The Weakest Among Us and Wormhole’s future plans. Take a listen to the new song and read the interview below. The Weakest Among Us is out in January 2020 via Lacerated Enemy.

What’s changed in the band in the four years since you released Genesis?
Since releasing Genesis, Wormhole has become an active touring band with a new lineup. This time around we came in with a real vision for the sound ahead of time, and make something new and unique

Tell us about the song premiering today. What’s it about?
The new song today is the title track from our new record, The Weakest Among Us, dropping in January. The purpose of the song is to be really tech but also very slam.

Your new album, The Weakest Among Us, is out in January. Sonically, how do you think it compares to your previous album?
Having live drums on the new record is the most obvious thing. Aside from the big improvements in production, the new album features a lot more melody, a lot of big release, more of everything. It is more tech and it is more slam.

Are there plans for Wormhole after the album comes out? Touring, recording again or something else?
All of it. After the album releases it is on to the next one for us. More writing, more recording, and more touring for Wormhole in 2020.