Track Premiere: Trépas “Rivages Sombres”


Trépas showcases the creativity of two long time partners, Harfang and Averse. It is the result of their creativity and their will to put together an ensemble of uncompromisingly aggressive and melancholic pieces: L’héritage du monde. As a unit, we seek to write songs that encompasses our own vision of the genre. Our goal was to create compelling music that is deeply rooted in tradition, yet modern in its singular way. Each member of Trépas were already playing an active part in the underground scene, working with the bands Morgue and Outre-Tombe. L’héritage du monde emerges from our vivid desire to get together once again, uniting forces to write both luminous and dark, always powerful art. Lyrically, Trépas sheds light on tormented aspects of the human mind, on the destruction of one’s hopes in the omnipresence of darkness, despair, and on mortal life’s underlying and inevitable fatality.”

If that ain’t heavy, then hit play on the Trépas player below. The song in question, “Rivages Sombres,” takes listeners through the most snow-blown, windswept plateaus of Québec, where little if anything lives. Featuring members of Morgue and lauded grave destroyers Outre-Tombe, Trépas have the musical chops and songwriting skills to take their brand of atmospheric black metal beyond the lo-fi, mono-speaker crowd. This elevated black metal. The type envisioned by Emperor, Blut Aus Nord, A Forest Of Stars, and Negură Bunget, but conceived, crafted, and issued in honor of the underworld spirits of the Great White North and the tormented mind of humanity.

Stream “Rivages Sombres” now! Let the polar vortex of Québec blast your dark heart into the abyss…

** Trépas new album, L’héritage du monde, is out December 5th on Sepulchral Productions. Pre-orders for CD are available HERE through Sepulchral Productions.