Full Album Premiere: Child Bite – Blow Off the Omens

Simply categorizing Child Bite as “noise rock” is a great disservice to them. Sure, there’s more than a smattering of the Jesus Lizard in the unhinged approach. Their previous album was called Negative Noise. And their latest LP, Blow Off the Omens, which is out November 22 via Housecore, was recorded with at Electrical Audio in Chicago with Steve Fucking Albini. So, OK, yeah, if you wanna call Child Bite, noise rock, you ain’t wrong. But the most accurate term for this nine-song, 30-minute installment of angular and skittish face-breaker is just fucking awesome. We’ll let vocalist Shawn Knight fill in the blanks before you can listen to the full LP – and then hopefully make up your own bullshit genre classification – below.

“We’re all super proud of this album,” Knight tells Decibel. “I really think we’ve written our best songs here; the writing felt very fluid and controlled. There was way less second guessing going on this time around. We were also completely confident in the engineers we worked with; I think the overall sound of the album is powerful and unique. Not sure what else to say about this thing other than it’s our best one yet!”

Pre-order you copy of Blow Off the Omens here and here.