Track Premiere: Lurk – ‘Offshoot’

The first thing you’ll notice about Lurk is how stunning the artwork for Fringe, their third full-length, is. Swathed in a cover painted by Adam Burke (Hooded Menace, Loss), it’s an immediate attention-grabber. The next thing you notice upon clicking play is how murky and sludgy the Finnish death/doom practitioner’s sound is.

Lurk’s brand of death/doom is slow and methodical with bursts of speed, much like they demonstrate on “Offshoot.” The guitars are murky and masked with feedback, and vocalist Kimmo Koskinen’s roar cuts to the forefront of their sound.

“Everyone should be rewarded solely based on their actions,” Lurk tell Decibel. “‘Offshoot’ is all about perseverance, targeted at the most resilient traitors and backstabbers. The song holds the definitive treatment for the aforementioned people, the catastrophic kill (military terminology). Blowing off gory steam has rarely been as calculated and callous as this – of course with aberrations of Lurk.”

Fringe comes out August 5 on Transcending Obscurity.