Full Album Stream: Statiqbloom – “Infinite Spectre”

Industrial duo Statiqbloom have completed work on their new EP, Infinite Spectre, bringing thumping industrial beats and dark noise in a potent combination. Decibel has acquired a full stream of the album, which you can listen to below.

Infinite Spectre was a chance to explore different ideas and sounds,” says mastermind Fade Kainer. “It was our first time working on music as a duo, so we got to really examine what Statiqbloom was as a project. We created tracks that fall closer to EBM or Industrial like “Survival II” and “Ersatz Gaze”. But you also have tracks that fall outside of that sphere like “Thin Hidden Hand”, and “Vampire”.

“We are really looking forward to touring a lot this year and letting people in to experience what’s in the dark corners of our minds , and hopefully that will be a mirror for some.”

Infinite Spectre is available through Translation Loss.