Demo:listen: Heathid Equis

“Heathid Equis means nothing,” admits T.W., one-half of Heathid Equis, one of the more original stateside black metal bands to come out in recent years. “Lots of bands [share] the same name or combine typical, tired words to name their band. This is pathetic and unoriginal. We thought it would be more interesting to make up words.”
Like it or not, you’ve got to respect the adversarial approach; especially when it’s coming from a black metal-mongering Texan. As for naming who else summons this slow plague-death, T.W. is hardly more forthcoming.

“Heathid Equis is [myself] and J.F. Both of us were involved in almost every aspect of this release . . .”

So, “are you willing to divulge if any of you [were/]are in any other bands?”

“No,” is the answer.

Fields was recorded in Texas,” T.W. says. “We recorded the songs with little or no practice. It was in the moment, with very little talk. Full on stream of consciousness. It was a great experience.

“We had John Stillings at Steel Hook Audio do the mastering. I was curious what it would sound like to have someone that comes from more of a death industrial/noise perspective. I had high expectations and he delivered.”

As for the innocuous title, T.W. says: “The significance of Fields can be found in the textbook definition: ‘A land area free of cities and towns; open country.’ People ruin everything, so the fewer around, the better.”

Rather than receiving inspiration from demos or other bands, T.W. says it was mostly “Vicodin, Percocet and massive amounts of marijuana” that informed Fields.

“We didn’t try to emulate anything with this release. More bands should try that.”

T.W.’s favorite song on the demo is the first track, “Sathos Funeral.”

“It was the first song we did and it put us on a specific path.”

Our own favorite is the closer, “Superior Hermits,” for all its comingling of Cathedral doom and early Carpathian Forest hatred.

T.W. explains that “Superior Hermits” is “about seclusion from society. Not getting involved with things and people that compromise what you believe. To be alone you must be strong. It’s very easy to give in and take the easy path and suffer fools. People are weak. People are desperate for attention. People are eager for acceptance. People are the worst. I want nothing to do with most of them.”

In general, Fields deals with “being an outsider,” T.W. says. “Rejection of lies. Dealing with worthless clones. Finding what satisfies you in an unsatisfying world. Patiently waiting for the end.”

Today, July 27th, marks the official release of Fields. Available digitally and in the tangible form of 50 pro-manufactured cassette tapes from Grey Matter Productions.

T.W. says they’re “not sure” what the future holds for Heathid Equis. But they do make a point to say: “I want to thank Daniel at Grey Matter Productions. He is a solid individual and was easy to work with.”