Full EP Stream: Nekrohowl – “Epitome of Morbid”

Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, death metal power trio Nekrohowl were raised on a steady diet of Suffocation, Autopsy, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Hellhammer and Dead Congregation. Their first rehearsal demo could have been a lost sonic relic of death metal’s days gone by, but it was released in 2016.

On their debut EP, Epitome of Morbid, Nekrohowl unleash four songs (plus an intro) of filthy death metal rife with technical riffs, pounding rhythm section and cavernous vocals. Decibel interrogated the band about their new EP and the metal scene in Bangladesh. Listen to Epitome of Morbid below and find it on Bandcamp.

Epitome of Morbid is your first proper release, correct? How has the sound changed since you released your self-titled demo?
Yes, Epitome of Morbid is the first proper release after the self-titled demo in 2016. Well, the change of the sound since the release was massive. It’s like covering thousand miles within few minutes. As there were frequent lineup changes, fortunately we found the right drummer (Mr. Warmonger) to compliment all the riffages and basslines we wrote. We are all connected to our song writing so magnificently that we did not have to put much effort on creating all the songs we wrote so far. The only reason for that was we had the same taste of music, continuously exploring and the unquenchable urge for breaking the boundaries. In the era of computerized music, I, personally, find that most of the extreme metal bands which came after 2000, sounded more or less the same. We always were against stereotypical song writing process and using same obvious notes. As we all were at same page, the most important part came when we threw each other different challenges to face musically. That thing actually enriched our song writing process and as a result we managed to come up with a good record.

Nekrohowl is from Dhaka, Bangladesh. What is the metal scene in Dhaka and Bangladesh in general like? Are there many extreme metal bands?
Metal scene in Bangladesh started back in the 80’s. A few bands here have even achieved mainstream success (locally). Those bands are really popular among the mass. But the extreme metal scene is relatively small comparing to the mainstream metal scene, but the extreme metal scene is growing rapidly because of the existence of some amazing bands and die-hard enthusiasts. Thrash metal is mostly popular here; we have some [of the] vilest sounding black and death metal bands as well. A few extreme metal bands have toured in Bangladesh over the years, and our bands are also touring outside the country, and getting signed by foreign labels too. Recently, extreme metal is getting spread outside the capital city Dhaka, and we are witnessing the emergence of extreme metal bands and gigs from other cities as well. A week ago, we even performed at a well-organized underground extreme metal gig took place in hillside city Rangamati.

What do your write about lyrically?
Throughout the EP we tried to personify death as the one supreme entity. It’s the harbinger of emptiness, darkness and destruction which has monumental hatred and carnage against mortal. All the songs were written based on the emotions of the words and while combining them, a whirlpool of doom was created!


Who are your largest influences when writing music?
Nekrohowl plays abhorrent and paroxysmal Death Metal in the uncanniest path of legendary 90’s-era Death Metal period. Drawing inspiration from the elder gods like Suffocation, Immolation and Sinister; our necromantic souls praise and preach the sonic madness that can unraveled the senses and thwart the sanity in utmost twisted and abyssal form; thus ablaze the essence of mere existence.

Members of Nekrohowl also play in a number of other extreme metal bands from Bangladesh. How do you manage to split your time between the bands successfully? Are they all very active?
We never thought of this actually, “ How we will split the times between?” It’s just in our veins. If we come up with a plan of going for a tour, we make it happen. If we decide now is the time to come up with a new record, we hit the studios and make it happen again. And yes, all the other bands we are affiliated with are very active.

What are your goals for the future?
After the release, we will focus to start recording the full length which is scheduled to be released around March 2018. We have some grand news about signing but still maintaining the professionalism between the label and the band, so not disclosing it. A major Asian tour is planned to be commenced in the mid-2018. That’s all so far.