Takafumi Matsubara Returns on Retortion Terror/Invidiosus Split

In 2014, Gridlink unleashed one of the most ferocious, innovative and refreshing grindcore albums of all time, Longhena. However, the well-deserved fanfare and critical accolades were severely tempered by the news that guitarist Takafumi Matsubara was suffering from severe inflammation and infection of the brain. This rendered him unable to play guitar, and it seemed like he’d never be able to pick it up again.

Alas! It’s 2017 and it seems Takafumi has made an incredible recovery! This would be great news on a personal level alone, but he’s become active in music once again as well (along with karate, apparently).

“This is Karate. This is Grindcore. If the doctors say bad things, I try spinning back kick.”

And for those of you who need a good dose of chaos, insanity and distortion to fill your weekend, Takafumi’s band, Retortion Terror has a new split out with deathy US grind act Invidiosus on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. Check out the track below, for those of you who are down with bands like Wormrot, Kill the Client and Insect Warfare.

There’s something about straightforward, totally bonkers grindcore that satisfies unlike anything else in the extreme music universe. For those of you eager for the satisfaction of the full split, Horror Pain Gore Death will be releasing it on October 20. In the meantime, it’s great to have such a great guitarist back in action.