Video Premiere: Season Of Arrows – ‘The Bridge’

Season of Arrows found a balance between haunting melodies and sludgy, heavy riffs on their second album, Give It to the Mountain. The slow, doomed instrumental sounds Season of Arrows conjure found their complement with singer Stormie Wakefield’s mournful and ethereal vocal delivery. 

The bleakness of their sound is matched by their new video for “The Bridge,” which you can watch below. Season of Arrows appear surrounded by darkness, with Wakefield’s face obscured at many points in the video. 

“It’s the dark place in all of us,” Season of Arrows explain to Decibel. “There are times in life where you are consumed with emptiness and despair and seems like there isn’t anything to grab a hold of. Within that deepest of darkness you can sometimes find a small beacon of hope, thus the bridge. It’s the unmistakable will that lives inside all of us, when exercised keeps us alive and brings us to a new outlook on life.”

Give It to the Mountain is out now through Argonauta Records. You can buy it here.