Blast Worship: Scrotal Erosion

Where they from?
Dayton, Ohio. This week is The Masters, which means that ESPN is supplementing all its daytime coverage with fucking golf. Do they not realize what this has done to the under-employed demographic that make up their daytime viewers? I would rather watch Pat McAfee bloviate for two hours and trust me, I FUCKING HATE THAT GUY.

Why the hype?
Let’s just get this out of the way: This band’s name is Scrotal Erosion. If that is a dealbreaker, I understand but when you write about grindcore sometimes you just have to put your big boy pants on and accept a stupid band name, because sometimes behind such a ban name, there is gold, and that very much is the case here. I like that the production is still shitty while remaining coherent and the songs balance a nice sense of oompa-groove with some of that good ol’ hyperblasting that the midwest is known for. The fact that this band shares members with Sulfuric Cautery should come as surprise to no one.

Latest Release?
Smells Like Something That Died a While Ago, self-released. Wouldn’t it be sick if this band actually made it onto a major label? Like, Century Media presents: Scrotal Erosion. Hey, stranger things have happened before. Anywho, now I gotta go back to watching FUCKING GOLF.