Full Album Stream: Mothership – ‘High Strangeness’

There’s plenty to be said for the direction rock music has moved in since bands like Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top and Hawkwind began, but there’s undeniably something comforting about the classics as well. On their third full-length album, High Strangeness, Mothership demonstrate that they can have a foot in both worlds — vintage and modern — and end up with a quality result. A quality result you can hear right now in an exclusive full album stream.

Upbeat, fuzzy riffs are the driving force behind High Strangeness. Mothership dip their toes into various sounds and styles, including classic rock, stoner rock/metal, space rock and plenty of psychedelic influence. 

Songs like “Midnight Express” lean toward heavy stoner metal, contrasted by contributions like instrumental jam “Eternal Trip,” which meanders peacefully, led by clean lead guitar. Striking such a balance is why High Strangeness works so well — for every dirty rock and metal riff, there’s a contrasting lead or melody to even it out.

“Our new album, High Strangeness, was written and recorded in 15 days between two tours,” bassist/vocalist Kyle Juett says. “We had been writing a ton of new riffs on the road so when we got home we locked ourselves inside the hangar and conjured up what could only be classified as a heavy dose of ‘High Strangeness’. This brand new chapter of tunes perfectly captures that insane small window of time we spent kicking out the jams at home between those two cosmic trips.”

Mothership will release High Strangeness through Ripple Music on March 17. It’s available to preorder here