Full Album Stream: Death Alley – ‘Live At Roadburn’

Roadburn Festival never fails to deliver a quality lineup (this year includes acts like Memoriam, My Dying Bride, Baroness and Pallbearer) and for many artists, it’s an achievement worth remembering. Death Alley is one of those bands, recording their 2016 set at the festival, which you can hear in full now! 

Live At Roadburn captures the band during a killer live set, banging out proto-metal tinged with psychedelia. The offering features four live songs, one being a cover of Selim Lemouchi’s “It’s On.” The band falls into grooves and jams, which adds much to the album; these songs aren’t carbon copies of music Death Alley has already released, but interesting, living recordings. 

It so happens that drummer Uno Bruniusson built friendships with members of The Devil’s Blood who now also play in Death Alley on the 2012 Decibel Tour while he was manning the kit for Decibel faves In Solitude.

Bruniusson (of Decibel faves In Solitude) has been playing with Death Alley for a while now, though he did not perform on Live At Roadburn, and commented on their performance. 

“I’d say Death Alley is a band of many faces,” Bruniusson offers. “Adaptable by making the surrounding adapt. Though the focal point remains the same, the gaze might differ. This extended version of the band holds a certain solemn character. A wider stroke with the brush.. Well fit for Roadburn’s halls. 

“Since I joined the band shortly after Roadburn 2016, where this album was recorded, I guess I have quite an inside/outside perspective to it and this is my favorite output from the band so far. You can hear the effort they put into making this happen and the struggle which that effort held in hand.  It’s not a live version of previous releases. It stands on its own legs. A piece of music designed for its purpose. 

“Now we’re in the middle of doing a few release shows with this six-piece. It’s a true pleasure. Personally, this is an achievement of intentions set back on 2012’s Decibel tour. Sharing a month on tour together with our old bands, me, Oeds [Beydals] and Ron [van Herpen] took strong liking in each other’s playing. We quickly started to talk about playing together in some form or another. Now, 5 years later those plans finally unfolds!”

Live At Roadburn is out now through Tee Pee Records, and you can find it here