Track Premiere: Jagged Vision – ‘Euthanasia’

Jagged Vision are one of Norway’s finest exports today. The sludgy alliance of stoner metal and hardcore, Jagged Vision command heavy, syrupy riffs but strike with the unbridled intensity of a hardcore band. Their second full-length, Death Is This World sees them build upon this solid foundation as a tighter and more aggressive band. 

One of the highlights of Death Is This World is second track “Euthanasia.” Mid-tempo, driving riffs slowly transform into a chugging, intense song that includes a dissonant solo before finding its way back to the thick, metallic riffs that characterize Jagged Vision’s overall sound. 

“‘Euthanasia’ is one of the more sludgy songs from the cauldron of riffs that is Death Is This World,” vocalist Ole Wik says. “The song revolves around the feeling of having to kill parts of yourself to take part in the modern world.”

Once you’ve heard “Euthanasia,” you can preorder Death Is This World, which is out March 10 through Fysisk Format.

Photo by Jorn Veberg
Photo by Jorn Veberg