Track Premiere: Resist Possession “In Vain”

In 2013, with their demo His Best Deceit, Possession ambushed the underground with their unholy racket of black/death. Iron Bonehead released 666 copies of the tape, and they did not last long. The Belgian quartet then went on to release a single track/two-part concept EP dealing with the so-called demonic possession of the young woman, Anneliese Michel. Next came the EP 1585 – 1646, another conceptual piece in which the band related the story of a French woman captured and tortured by the French Inquisition. As brilliant as it was straight-forward, 1585 – 1646 proved not only that Possession can wail harder than just about any of their contemporaries, but also that they’re smarter than your average Satan worshiping black/death band.

And now in the year 2017, Possession have brought us Exorkizein, their long-awaited full length. Upon first blush it’s almost like they’ve unleashed their To Mega Therion—but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Instead we’ll let Posssession’s drummer, Pz.Kpfw, give us the lowdown on the new record and today’s song premiere. 

“The introduction of [‘In Vain’] comes from an old TV documentary in which is included the only filmed exorcism that has been [authenticated] by the Vatican,” explains Pz.Kpfw. “Translation of the introduction: ‘In a World where science has made so many progresses and has helped Man so much to understand the mysteries and the secrets inside and outside of him, here comes someone who is saying to me in the clearest language: ‘Yes, the Demon does exist and I have met him.’”

Pz.Kpfw continues: “This song takes part into the concept behind Exorkizein: the life, the work as an Exorcist, and the death of Gabriele Amorth, last known chief Exorcist of the Vatican, who passed away on the 16th of September 2016. We have [imagined] him in this song filled with confidence in his own ability to save a Possessed one. But when he realises that the Demon is the strongest, his only words for the passing victim are ‘Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust,’ washing his hands of the Death he brings among the crying family of the now dead Possessed victim. Regarding the album, we think that it is a real step ahead for us, without losing our identity, our primal rage and aim to defend the Metal we worship for years and that is performed A.M.S.G. We have faced the trial that was the line-up change that occurred in November 2015 and have been reborn stronger than ever.”

“Hard is the work to fulfill the exorcism ritual, only a few can achieve it, many are done in vain . . .”

Get Exorkizein April 7th from Invictus Productions. While Iron Bonehead will release the album on vinyl.