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In Person Aural Devastation: Author & Punisher Live

By: Shawn Macomber Posted in: featured, videos On: Monday, September 16th, 2013


Decibel has made no secret of our love for the idiosyncratic have-to-see-it-to-believe-it one-man doom behemoth Author & Punisher. And these insane videos from the band’s recent performance at the Fillmore basically speak for themselves. So…further comment is probably unnecessary. The new record, Women & Children, is available here. Bonus: The Lynch-ian video for “Terrorbird” after the jump.

STREAMING: Author & Punisher “Terrorbird”

By: Chris D. Posted in: featured, videos On: Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


Not sure if you’ve missed out on “industrial doom metal” one-man outfit Author & Punisher, but if you own a Godflesh record, maybe a pre-suck Pitch Shifter 12″, or think Scorn’s Vae Solis is the only Scorn LP worth playing in the solitary confines of your treasured abode, then we think you need to stand up, wipe off the “I’m jaded” dandruff, and check out Tristan Shone’s music to end all music project.

While Author & Punisher could’ve been an Earache band when the label mattered, the super-sweet aspect of Shone’s DIY robo-pocalypse sound is that everything’s generated from hand-made “instruments”. No, he’s not gluing a computer circuit board to a guitar, but actually crafting—no, engineering—his own sonic methods to destroy earholes. So much so he’s caught the hawkeyes of Yahoo and Wired, the latter a geek institution of the highest order.

Check out the superbly lensed video for “Terrorbird”. Directed by Augustine Arredondo and starring Rob Crow (Pinback, Goblin Cock). And lots of spewing human fluids from parts and sources unknown.

** Author & Punisher’s Ursus Americanus is out now on Seventh Rule Recordings. It’s available HERE to appease the ear systems of cyborgs, audio algorithms of robots, and humans who think they’re mechanical, which includes several of Decibel’s Decibel-award winning staff.

Exclusive Author & Punisher Song Premiere

By: adem Posted in: featured, heavy tuesdays, listen On: Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


There’s no denying the intense visual impact of seeing Author & Punisher (ne Tristan Shone) perform using machines and speakers he has crafted himself. We’ll admit to being utterly mesmerized by it.

Thus we are stoked to be exclusively premiering a brand new track—the opener “Terrorbird”—from Author & Punisher’s upcoming album Ursus Americanus on Seventh Rule Recordings. The album will be released on April 24, with West Coast tour dates to follow.

The above track is called “Terrorbird,” but to us it sounds more like Godzilla throwing down with Mechagodzilla with modern-day Tokyo underfoot. This grinding, overdriven track has, in fact, inspired us to formally, uh, dub Author & Punisher’s music “mechadoom.” Listen at your own peril, mortals!

Celebrate 10 years of Seventh Rule by winning all their records

By: jonathan.horsley Posted in: contest, featured On: Monday, December 23rd, 2013

seventh rule discog

What with a holiday season to service and a ten-year anniversary to celebrate, the good people of Seventh Rule Recordings have doubled down on the good cheer and offered you the chance to win their entire vinyl discography in their 10 Year Glitch Prize Package

Says a dispatch from Seventh Rule’s Portland HQ: “Seventh Rule has been around for 10 Years now, and its been a beautiful blur. We’ve seen highs and lows, but are happy and thankful to all the people who continue to support us through the years. Such a milestone deserves a contest of epic proportions…”

Now, they didn’t have to do this to make us love them. Over the last ten years Seventh Rule have built such a reputation for putting out antisocial, disquieting and unique records from the likes of Indian, Batillus, Author & Punisher and Atriarch, that their name is a guarantee of quality.

More than half these records are now out-of-print, all of them are pretty awesome; some are already classics in the extreme metal pantheon . . . Or certainly neo-classics; The Unquiet Sky, for sure, Furnace and Forever the End to name just three.

**To win, email your name and address to before midnight PST, Dec 31st. If your name comes out the hat, you get one each of these:

Sweet Cobra – Praise LP (Red Vinyl)
Akimbo – Elephantine LP (180G Vinyl)
Buried At Sea – She Lived For Others But Died For Us | Single Sided / Etched LP (Swirl Grey Vinyl)
INDIAN – The Unquiet Sky 2xLP (BLOOD RED#11 and EASTER YELLOW#2 AsideBside Vinyl)
The Makai – The End Of All You Know LP (Grey Marble Vinyl)
INDIAN – Slights and Abuse LP (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl)
INDIAN – The Sycophant LP (Bloody Sun Vinyl)
Sweet Cobra – Bottom Feeder | Single Sided / Etched LP (Black Vinyl)
Wetnurse – Invisible City 2xLP (#7 Green / Black Splatter Vinyl)
Light Yourself On Fire – Intimacy LP (Yellow / Black Nuclear Style Vinyl)
Millions – Gather Scatter LP (Crystal Clear Vinyl)
Coffinworm – When All Became None LP (Bong Load Green Vinyl)
The Swan King – Eyes Like Knives LP (180G Vinyl)
BATILLUS – Furnace LP (180G Vinyl)
Atriarch – Forever The End LP ( Crypt White Marbled Vinyl)
Thergothon – Stream From The Heavens (Reissue) LP (180G Orange Vinyl)
Wizard Rifle – Speak Loud Say Nothing LP (Vinyl Bong Random Colored Vinyl)
Author & Punisher – Ursus Americanus LP (Grey And White Marbled Vinyl)
Stoneburner – Sickness Will Pass LP (Blood Marbled Vinyl)
Atriarch – Ritual Of Passing LP (Rozz Williams Red Vinyl)
Author & Punisher – Women & Children LP (White #1 with Black Splatter Vinyl)
Gnaw – Horrible Chamber LP (SILVER P19 with RED#3 Haze Vinyl)

Ts and Cs as follows: Only one entry per person and use a valid email address so they can actually send you the records, oh, and Seventh Rule will cover shipping charges.

In the meantime, you might want to get a little present to yourself and visit the Seventh Rule webstore; it is running a 33 per cent off offer. Just use coupon code “10YRFTW” at the checkout.

May the odds be forever in your favour.

Seventh Rule on Facebook
Seventh Rule Recordings on BandCamp

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Week

By: andrew Posted in: a fucking parrot previewing new releases, featured On: Friday, May 31st, 2013


Holy hell! I’m FIRED the peck up about this band from Baltimore. NOISEM release Agony Defined on A389, and man, is this a ripper! Part old-school Kreator, part old Pestilence at times, these kids — and I do mean kids — get this deathy thrash thing down pat. This thing moves and breathes, and has a stellar production from Kevin Bernsten of Triac fame. Recently opening the Maryland Death Fest, and soon one of the Scion Fests, one should be on the lookout for this monster of a CD/12-inch. There’s enough variance here to not make it samey and boring like a lot of the newer thrash bands. This has one foot FIRMLY in the death vein, and the other in amped-up thrash. Do yourself a favor and check this out. My favorite release of the year so far. 9 Fucking Pecks

Well, I’m on a tear with things I like this time. Seventh Rule release the industrial sludge of AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s Women and Children, and your fine feathered friend has been looking forward to this since the latest release of Ursus Americanus. This is hard to peck down, really, at times sounding like Godflesh or Swans, at times kinda veering off into uncharted sludge territory. This thing is pecking PUMMELING. A one-man band from California who performs with servos and moving machinery that he engineered, the live show is nothing to squawk at either. Industrial, sludge, doom, noise terror. 8 Fucking Pecks.

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER‘s Everblack. Well, one should know what to expect from this melodeath band, this being their sixth release and all. And, well, there’s not much to say about it except that it’s a BDM record. That being said, it’s not derivative or boring. This thing is pretty mean, and melodic at times. The production here is a little dry, but not too dry; everything can be heard clearly and it does have feeling. There’s something in the production I don’t really like that I can’t really put my beak on; maybe it’s a little midrange? It’s hard to really peg down, but it could be my avian ears are a little blown out. This is a fine release, and one the band should be proud of. How many death metal bands can say that their sixth record is great, or even good? Not many, but BDM can certainly fly that flag. Go on with your bad self. 7 Fucking pecks.

Man, I feel almost too positive here. Until we meet again. Waldo out!

For Those About to Squawk: Waldo’s Pecks of the Year

By: andrew Posted in: a fucking parrot previewing new releases, featured On: Friday, December 28th, 2012

waldo NYE

Well boys and girls, we’ve survived the apocalypse, and there’s not much coming out soon, so I’ll review my best of this year. In case you missed my expertly honed reviews, you should check these out. I will put a caveat that these are in no particular order.

Napalm Death, Utilitarian
Grind, grind and more grind. This is their strongest outing in some time. Fast and concise.

Goatwhore, Blood for the Master
This is a fine slab of blackened thrash. And, oh yeah, they hate God.

Evoken, Atra Mors
Transcendental doom. Not unlike dISEMBOWLEMENT, this slab of meanness moves, and breathes life into a sometimes stagnant genre.

Pig Destroyer, Book Burner
This is the best record ever, of all time, period. (You think I’m biased?)

Zombiefication, Reaper’s Consecration
Like some old school in your death metal? These brown metal dealers bang your brain with retro vengeance.

Phobia, Remnants of Filth
This slab of grind starts up like a pit bull, never lets go. Blasts, sore throat vocals and general filth–this does not disappoint.

Locrian, The Clearing/The Final Epoch
This is called “ambient black metal,” and it very well may be: moody and dark, bordering on evil.

Deathspell Omega, Drought
Oft discussed and never seen, this EP of brutal black metal smacks you in the face, repeatedly, like a whole bunch.

Municipal Waste, The Fatal Feast
Thrash anthems to beer, the man, and mutant space people that exist on human flesh. What could be better?

Mares of Thrace, The Pilgrimage
A sludge-doom amalgam that both rocks and slays at the same time

HAARP, Husks
Sludgy swamp-influenced doom, There is no easing into this record. Put it in and turn it up to the maximum volume.

Dying Fetus, Reign Supreme
Slams. This is death metal, pure and to the point. This is nasty, vile, troo death metal made to kick you in the dick.

Neurosis, Honor Found in Decay
Epic. It’s Neurosis, goddammit. There’s not much here that will shock anyone, but prepare to take a fucked-up journey with Neurosis as your tour guide.

Afgrund, The Age of Dumb
Although the record cover is dumb, the music is short, blistering and to the point.

Gaza, No Absolutes In Human Suffering
Nihilism, short and to the point. These guys hate Jesus, life and you, and go a long way to prove it sonically.

Black Sheep Wall, No Matter Where It Ends
Dark and twisted, BSW are the definition of doom, and this release will flatten you like a monstrous steamroller.

Dragged Into Sunlight, Widowmaker
This is just fucked-up, swirling eddies of black, disgusting hate.

Author & Punisher, Ursus Americanus
One foot in industrial, and most definitely heavy, this one-man machine blurs the edges of traditional music to bring you one spiteful package.

That’s it for now, I’m SURE there’s a ton I’m forgetting, but hey, I smoke seeds.–Waldo

STREAMING: Agalloch’s “Faustian Echoes”

By: zach.smith Posted in: featured, listen, tours On: Thursday, July 5th, 2012


At the end of March, Agalloch announced that it had completed work on new EP Faustian Echoes. The band had originally planned to release the effort—one 20+ minute song (the longest of its career) recorded live onto two-inch tape—on its upcoming US tour, but on Sunday, roughly a week before its first show, made it available for digital release on its bandcamp page (though for the time being the LP and CD versions will only be sold at shows). While the track spans the wide breadth of the band’s musical endeavors, the gorgeous guitar interplay with, and soloing over top of, the riff that comes in at 6:14 is an early highlight, as is Billy Anderson’s production, which captures the track’s live feel.

We’re beyond stoked that the band behind our favorite album of 2010 has put out a new track, but it was just as interesting (at least to us) to see the other material the band has made digitally available. Since Agalloch is well-known for having a treasure trove of sought after über-rare releases—check out this or this for starters—it’s nice to see Jon Haughm and company willing to make some of that material available to a wider audience at comparatively rock bottom prices. For example, you could either download both tracks from 2003’s Tomorrow Will Never Come EP for $2 or try your luck on eBay and find yourself paying over $200 for one of 500 copies of the 7″. It certainly seems like a win-win for the band, particularly given that it has never seemed interested in profiting on the insanely high prices people seem willing to pony up for their releases, instead letting secondary markets generate, and profit from, the markups.

As for its upcoming “Faustian Spirits” tour, the quartet has promised that it will be playing a rotating setlist of both new (presumably including its namesake) and old material. All dates below with Taurus:

7/11 in Portland, OR at Branx w/Eight Bells
7/12 in Seattle, WA at the Crocodile w/Eight Bells
7/13 in Vancouver BC at the Rickshaw w/Eight Bells
7/14 in Spokane, WA at The A Club w/Eight Bells
7/16 in Bozeman, MT at Zebra
7/17 in Denver, CO at Bluebird Theater w/Velnias
7/18 in Omaha, NE at Waiting Room w/Velnias
7/19 in Milwaukee, WI at Miramar Theater
7/20 in Chicago, IL at Reggie’s
7/21 in Ann Arbor, MI at Blind Pig w/Musk Ox
7/22 in Cleveland, OH at Beachland Ballroom
7/23 in Toronto, ON at Opera House w/Musk Ox
7/24 in Montreal, QC at Petit Campus w/Musk Ox
7/25 in Boston, MA at Middle East
7/26 in Brooklyn, NY at Williamsburg Music Hall w/Musk Ox
7/27 in Philadelphia, PA at Underground Arts
7/28 in Springfield, VA at Empire
7/29 in Raleigh, NC at King’s Barcade
7/31 in Tampa, FL at Orpheum
8/01 in Atlanta, GA at The Earl
8/02 in Birmingham, AL at Bottletree w/Pallbearer
8/03 in New Orleans at One Eyed Jack’s w/Pallbearer
8/04 in Dallas, TX at La Grange w/Maleveller
8/05 in Austin, TX at Red 7
8/08 in Phoenix, AZ at Rhythm Room
8/09 in San Diego, CA at The Casbah w/Author & Punisher
8/10 in Los Angeles, CA at Echoplex w/Oskoreien
8/11 in San Francisco, CA at Great American Music Hall

*Photo by Veleda Thorsson

Paradise Lost [#92] – June 2012

By: lucas Posted in: On: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


Metal’s Most Underrated Band

Call & Response with Prong, Torche, Q&A with Matt Pike, Special: the making of Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power, Decibel Hall of Fame: the making of Unsane’s Scattered, Smothered & Covered
Nachtmystium, Royal Thunder, Kill Devil Hill, Enthroned, Author & Punisher, Nocturnal Torment, Occultation, Barren Earth, Ufomammut

Metal Machine Music

By: adem Posted in: featured, gnarly one-offs, heavy tuesdays, videos On: Tuesday, December 20th, 2011


Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with Lou Reed or his 1975 two-LP celebration of noise as “music.” Although, given the choice of listening to that album or LuLu, we’d take the former in a heartbeat. But we digress.

We’re actually here to distract you from the ridiculousness of the season with a video that is entirely captivating, and has absolutely nothing to do with the holidays. This is Author & Punisher, “an industrial doom and drone metal, one man band utilizing primarily custom fabricated machines/controllers and speakers,” according to his website. We only use that quote because we were at a loss for any descriptive words of our own after seeing this.

Author & Punisher- 9/5/10 Studio Practice Shoot from Tristan Shone on Vimeo.

The dude behind the heaviness is Tristan Shone, who not only plays/composes the music, he also fabricates his instruments, the “drone/dub” machines. He has released three Author & Punisher albums dating back to 2005, and his next will be out on Seventh Rule in early 2012.

As a side note, we can’t help but imagine what might ensue if he and Tom G. Warrior, er Thomas Gabriel Fischer, were to collaborate.

In the meantime, enjoy the video and for three-plus minutes forget about all the holiday crap you’ve gotta deal with.

New Child Bite Video with King Buzzo, Primary Colors and Killer Music

By: Dan Lake Posted in: featured, listen, videos On: Friday, October 24th, 2014


Detroit wildmen Child Bite are currently touring the wide United States, playing this Sunday at the Housecore Horror Film Festival and continuing with dates through the Midwest and East Coast (dates/locations below).  Today we get to show you their brand new (read: just finished yesterday) music video for “Ancestral Ooze,” a song from their forthcoming Strange Waste EP (out November 25th) on Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records.  The video, a tribute to the 1987 underground horror flick Street Trash (which, incidentally, was also referenced by the whole premise of a recent episode of new show Gotham), features Buzz Osbourne as the dealer of brightly colored beverages that cause people to meet their ends in various exquisitely gruesome ways.  The video was written and directed by ex-DEP guitarist Jeff Tuttle.

It’s Friday morning.  You’re not ready for this.  But, oh, you’re so ready for this.  Enjoy!

Child Bite Fall Tour Dates

10/26 Austin, TX @ Housecore Horror Film Fest w/ Superjoint, Corrections House
10/27 New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar w/ Acid Witch, Author & Punisher
10/28 Louisville, KY @ The New Vintage w/ Acid Witch
10/29 Evansville, IN @ PG
10/30 Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
10/31 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Bloodiest
11/01 Grand Rapids, MI @ Spoke Folks
11/02 Ypsilanti, MI @ Crossroads
11/04 Cleveland, OH @ Now That’s Class
11/05 Baltimore, MD @ Club K
11/06 Rochester, NY @ Bug Jar
11/08 Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio w/ Doomsday Student, White Mice
Also, check out more Child Bite at their Bandcamp and Facebook pages.