Exclusive Author & Punisher Song Premiere

There’s no denying the intense visual impact of seeing Author & Punisher (ne Tristan Shone) perform using machines and speakers he has crafted himself. We’ll admit to being utterly mesmerized by it.
Thus we are stoked to be exclusively premiering a brand new track—the opener “Terrorbird”—from Author & Punisher’s upcoming album Ursus Americanus on Seventh Rule Recordings. The album will be released on April 24, with West Coast tour dates to follow.

The above track is called “Terrorbird,” but to us it sounds more like Godzilla throwing down with Mechagodzilla with modern-day Tokyo underfoot. This grinding, overdriven track has, in fact, inspired us to formally, uh, dub Author & Punisher’s music “mechadoom.” Listen at your own peril, mortals!