Author & Punisher Yank Different Cranks in “Void, Null, Alive” Video

If you were concerned that Tristan Shone was an unrelentingly grim and humorless misanthropist, gradually transforming from man to demented, synapse-assaulting machine… okay, nobody on earth has been sweating that. But it’s nice to know the Author & Punisher mastermind has a sense of humor, and it’s on full display in this extremely fucking weird, occasionally hilarious video for Melk En Honing closing track “Void, Null, Alive.” If Jeff Dunham turned you off to puppetry forever, well, actually we can’t help you. But press play anyway.

“There are times with my rig when I have an existential crisis about exactly what I have been doing with my live for the last 10 years,” Shone admits. “The idea of monster puppets playing my gear haphazardly is a perfect embodiment for that awkward feeling. I think I can poke some fun at myself from time to time. Kate Richardson at Housecore is a huge fan of the Muppets, so she connected me with Seth Chappell, who runs Foam Foolery and makes great puppets and, specifically, METAL puppets. He and I then collaborated with his brother Ben Chappell, who shot and edited the whole thing. Throw a case of beer in there, some hired groupies and it’s a damn furry mess.”