STREAMING: Author & Punisher “Terrorbird”

Not sure if you’ve missed out on “industrial doom metal” one-man outfit Author & Punisher, but if you own a Godflesh record, maybe a pre-suck Pitch Shifter 12″, or think Scorn’s Vae Solis is the only Scorn LP worth playing in the solitary confines of your treasured abode, then we think you need to stand up, wipe off the “I’m jaded” dandruff, and check out Tristan Shone’s music to end all music project.
While Author & Punisher could’ve been an Earache band when the label mattered, the super-sweet aspect of Shone’s DIY robo-pocalypse sound is that everything’s generated from hand-made “instruments”. No, he’s not gluing a computer circuit board to a guitar, but actually crafting—no, engineering—his own sonic methods to destroy earholes. So much so he’s caught the hawkeyes of Yahoo and Wired, the latter a geek institution of the highest order.

Check out the superbly lensed video for “Terrorbird”. Directed by Augustine Arredondo and starring Rob Crow (Pinback, Goblin Cock). And lots of spewing human fluids from parts and sources unknown.

** Author & Punisher’s Ursus Americanus is out now on Seventh Rule Recordings. It’s available HERE to appease the ear systems of cyborgs, audio algorithms of robots, and humans who think they’re mechanical, which includes several of Decibel’s Decibel-award winning staff.