unsigned bands

Track Premiere: Mammoth Caravan’s “Nomad”

November 29, 2022

Newcomers Mammoth Caravan draw from the primordial well of southern sludge and doom metal but subtract meandering and nonsense.

Blast Beat Network Offers Unsigned Band Promopalooza

January 9, 2017

Unsigned bands: here’s your chance to get featured across the Blast Beat Network for a price lower than the record labels pay.

Unsigned Bands: Jump aboard The Blast Beat Network’s Promopalooza for 100 bucks

January 16, 2012

Being in an unsigned band can be a slog. Flip through that Rolodex and there is no record company honcho to get you press, to hustle embattled magazine staffers to review your record and maybe get some broke freelance guy to call you up and write a feature. There’s no one leaning on promoters and…