Unsigned Bands: Jump aboard The Blast Beat Network’s Promopalooza for 100 bucks

Being in an unsigned band can be a slog. Flip through that Rolodex and there is no record company honcho to get you press, to hustle embattled magazine staffers to review your record and maybe get some broke freelance guy to call you up and write a feature. There’s no one leaning on promoters and bigger bands to get you on an inter-state tour or festival appearance. Pimping your riffs and blasts means long shifts on Facebook and Twitter getting friends, workmates and any social flotsam and jetsam in your friends list to “like” your band, after which it’s an invitation to send gig invites to the (largely) disinterested. Promotion: that’s the real bitch.
But, it’s not all bad news. Never mind the fact that you have total control over your music, that 100 per cent of your merch and record sales goes straight to you and doesn’t pissed away on some God-awful 360 record deal or worse, and the fact that DIY recording is cheap and easy. Yeah, for January only, Blast Beat Network are offering unsigned bands the opportunity to buy banner ads through over all those bookmarked and oft-visited metal sites, including ours, for just $100.

$100, redeemable throughout the US

Sure, not everyone has 100 bucks stuffed under the mattress but split between your band bros that’s hardly going to eat into the Blue Ribbon and Papa Johns budget. Plus, it’ll get you 55,000 page impressions on the sites pictured on the flyer (which in normal speak is you can reach 55,000 people without uploading a yawning cat video onto YouTube).

The offer ends on 31st January, plenty of time to get some art together if you don’t already. Click here or email [email protected] if interested.

If you’re struggling for the $100 and don’t think you’ll shift enough t-shirts in time, don’t go all Breaking Bad on us, you could always make your way to the Home Federal Savings Bank and hope they don’t say hello.
… Just work it like Cosmo Kramer