Salt Lake City

Demo:listen: Ootheca

December 14, 2021

Discovered in the dankest depths of the Salt Lake City underground, death-drenched two-piece Ootheca corrupt this week’s Demo:listen.

Full Demo Stream: Throat Breach – ‘Humiliating Distortion’

April 3, 2020

The Salt Lake City-based overwhelming grindcore assault known as Throat Breach launched a new full length today titled Humiliating Distortion. Stream it in full now.

Utah’s Gravecode Nebula Chill In The Dark With “The Frozen Sun”

April 25, 2014

About six months ago, a Salt Lake City, UT band called Gravecode Nebula heaved out its first album, Sempiternal Void, despite the fact that the band has been playing together in some form since 2006.  Fellow Salt Lake slowniks and Decibel faves SubRosa have mentioned GN a couple times when discussing local bands they enjoy,…