Five Heavy Albums that Changed My Life with Dave Bland of Full of Hell

May 16, 2019

To celebrate the release of Full of Hell’s new album, Weeping Choir, we caught up with drummer Dave Bland to find out what five heavy albums changed his life.

Monotrope on Collaborating with Greg Ginn, Merzbow and More

September 28, 2017

Monotrope members share their most interesting collaborations with Merzbow, Greg Ginn and others.

Track Premiere: Mortiis – ‘The Great Leap (Godflesh Remix)’

February 27, 2017

Industrial outfits Mortiis and Godflesh collide on this remixed track from Mortiis’ 2016 release, The Great Deceiver. 

Merzbow Records Noise (Surprise) to Benefit Endangered Bird (Surprise)

September 27, 2016

Oaken Palace Records teamed up with noise godfather Merzbow for a half-hour drone/noise release whose profits will go to the Kakapo Recovery Trust with the intent of helping this aviary species grow to more robust numbers.