Track Premiere: Vaticinal Rites – ‘Foiled Skirmish’

London death dealers Vaticinal Rites got together in 2020 and wasted no time in hitting the ground running, blasting out their self-titled EP a year later. Keeping the momentum going, the band quickly got to work on their debut LP, Cascading Memories of Immortality. The first track, “Plead for Termination,” gave listeners the first taste of the new record and now Decibel has the second taste in the form of “Foiled Skirmish.”

Staying true to Vaticinal Rites’ influences of Morbid Angel, Monstrosity and Vital Remains, “Foiled Skirmish” is an old-school-styled song that blasts and grooves for its three-minute runtime. Speaking on the record’s themes, guitarist Andreas Yiasoumi explains:

Cascading Memories of Immortality explores the eternal nature of the soul amidst the transient nature of the physical body. It reflects on the uncertainty of the future, yet the enduring essence within. Additionally, it touches upon the importance of life, echoing experiences of personal loss.

“While it is not a traditional concept record, it does revolve around certain central themes and ideas dealing with grief, mental health, addiction and religious dogma that are explored throughout the songs.”

Speaking more specifically about “Foiled Skirmish,” vocalist Marcus Broome said the song is about war, as the title suggests.

“‘Foiled Skirmish’ explores the theme of war and the fragility of the civilian mind when thrust into chaos,” he explains.

Lace up your combat boots and have a listen below. Cascading Memories is out on May 10 via Everlasting Spew.