Five For Friday: April 5, 2024

Greetings, Decibel listeners!

Well, time to shake things up a bit, and no I’m not referring to the minor earthquake that just make my house rattle for like 15 seconds. No! I’m talking about the five new releases below!

Below you’ll find earth-shattering death metal, torrential waves of black metal, and other styles fit for puns about natural disasters (or just brief disturbances).


Cantique Lépreux – Le Bannissement 

Ah, yes, Québecois black metal. For fans of flowing rhythms and tremolo-picked riffs on the higher guitar strings. A sound like this always guarantees a certain level of drama and longing to go along with the thunderous drums and mournful growls.

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Diabolic Oath – Oracular Hexations

Brutal, oppressive and hateful blackened death metal. Definitely good music for those in the mood for a blasphemous blasting.

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Dialith – Alter

CT’s own masters of epic power metal return with their latest EP, Alter. Fans of the style will be spoiled for riches here, from the soaring vocals, to the heroic guitar lines — and of course, who can deny that expert-level drum work? For a good showing of the band’s handiwork, check out the video below for “Shadowdancer” (my personal emphasis on the section that starts around the 2:30 mark — why? Don’t worry about it.)

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Funeral Leech – The Illusion of Time

New York’s Funeral Leech meanwhile returns with their follow-up to 2020’s Death Meditation with The Illusion of Time. It’s a dark death metal beast with very welcome shades of doom that drape the music in oceans of atmosphere. Music for when the sun dies.

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Witch Vomit – Funeral Sanctum

Oh hell yes! Over the last few years, Witch Vomit has established themselves as one of the premiere voices in modern death metal. But with this latest album, they diversify their sound in the best way possible: Dissection-style blue-cover black metal! What you get is something akin to Necrophobic mixed with early Amorhpis, and I’m certainly not complaining. This will be on of the albums to beat this year, for sure.

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