Full Album Stream: Kosuke Hashida – “Justifiable Homicide”

Japanese multi-instrumentalist Kosuke Hashida has been around for a long time, playing guitar with Nihilist Workshop and The Cauterized in the early 2000s. In the time since, he’s played live guitar with American death metal outfit Abysmal Dawn and now riffs with Osaka-based death metal/hardcore group World End Man. With that firm understanding of extreme metal under his belt, Hashida has embarked on a new solo career, with his first album coming out tomorrow, April 5, on Horror Pain Gore Death.

The album sees Hashida take on guitar, bass, drum and vocal duties. He’s no slouch on any of them, traversing grindcore, death metal, thrash and hardcore throughout Justifiable Homicide. Hashida summons the burly deathgrind of later Napalm Death on songs like “Killing Is Your Business” and “Spurt of Blood,” as well as a more frantic approach on tracks like “Suicide Again” and “Psychotic Depression.” Hashida’s riffs are direct, punchy and bouncy, his bass playing thick and his drum performance energetic and robust.

Justifiable Homicide is a gnarly debut, especially as a one-man band. Kosuke Hashida makes his solo debut in style and you can hear it in full below.