Track Premiere: Dave Neabore – ‘Power Plan’

Decibel, what the fuck are you talking about? This isn’t metal!” you exclaim upon pressing play. You’re right about that, but “Power Plan,” the new song from synth-soundscape maestro Dave Neabore definitely rips and drips in ’80s nostalgia. Perhaps known to you as the bassist of Jersey rap/hardcore crew Dog Eat Dog, Neabore dabbles in synthesizer music in his free time.

A slight departure from the more horror soundtrack-focused tunes of his first release, “Power Plan” and the accompanying Star Feels album are straight synthwave songs, using melody and thumping bass to build to a crescendo. If you’re looking for something a little more out there to start your week, this is the way to do it.”

Star Feels is due out on Halloween via soundtrack and synth purveyors Cadabra Records.