Full Album Stream: Ashbringer – “We Came Here to Grieve”

Photo: Sam Bramble

Minneapolis-based atmospheric black metal outfit Ashbringer are taking the opportunity to turn the page on new album We Came Here to Grieve. The band’s fourth record, and first since the world went sideways, isn’t really a radical departure in sound so much as it is Ashbringer expanding the boundaries of what they can sound like.

We Came Here to Grieve is heavy on the aggressive, atmospheric black metal but songs like “Pages”and “Gaze” incorporate more rock-style song structures and clean singing, while “Rift” explores noise and ambient soundscapes, creating almost cinematic layers of sound over the angular black metal.

Explains drummer Andy Meyer, who joined the band for this album:

“The title We Came Here to Grieve was initially considered because, having the pandemic and years of inactivity at the front of our minds, we thought we were going up north to record our darkest, most depressing album yet. But I don’t think that’s what happened, which gave the album title a whole new meaning, and made it that much more perfect. We came here to grieve, we left with something else.”

You can listen to We Came Here to Grieve via the Youtube link below. Vinyl is available via Translation Loss and other merch via the band.