Track Premiere: Rat King – “Vermin”

Rat King
Photo by Donovan Malley

Deathgrind maniacs Rat King are teasing the track “Vermin” ahead of their full-length, Psychotic Reality, out September 29 via Satanik Royalty Records.

“We must accept the fact that the human race isn’t but a disease onto this world,” Rat King say about the track. “This song explores that sentiment, and it’s musically encased by the brutality of that self-realization.”

The Seattle-based band rip through nine solid tracks on this banger of a record. It focuses on the darkness that can be found in everyday life, on social media and in the everyday horrors of modern existence.

“Our reality as a human race has been one of cruelty, vitriol, and chaos,” the band say about the themes on the record at large. “All the horror that surrounds us creates a reality that we as individuals are force fed to consume. This nine-track album explores our existence with themes of corruption, isolation, suicide, bigotry, and war.”

Psychotic Reality was recorded at Soundhouse Studios in Ballard, Seattle, produced by the band, and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit recording studio. The album will be released on limited LP, cassette, and digitally.

Preorder the album here, and order it digitally on Bandcamp here.