Full Album Stream: Fossilization – “Leprous Daylight”

According to V, the bassist, vocalist and guitarist for Fossilization, “I think Leprous Daylight is Fossilization’s most violent effort so far but still full of the melancholy and sadness you have been used to with our previous releases.” Upon listening to songs like “Once Was God,” with its combination of ruthless brutality and devastating aura, I’m inclined to agree. And upon listening to songs like “At the Heart of the Nest,” I’m inclined to say the album rules.

Leprous Daylight is the band’s debut full-length album, the culmination of a few years of shorter-form releases, including a split with the excellent Ritual Necromancy. If you’re a fan of the cavernous and crushing sounds of bands like Krypts, Cruciamentum and Ignivomous, it’s time to add Fossilization’s new album to your personal canon. Decibel is pleased to present Leprous Daylight in its entirety below. The album comes out tomorrow via Everlasting Spew Records. You can find pre-order information here.