Boston Hardcore Band Move Release Their Debut Album, Black Radical Love

Boston hardcore outfit Move released their debut album, Black Radical Love, on Friday, joining the growing list of hardcore bands to do so this year. Released via Triple B Records, Black Radical Love is an incendiary political statement as well as a celebration.

“The record deals with our current position living underneath the US Imperialist state, specifically a Black experience,” said vocalist Corey Charpentier. “The need for revolutionary change and the fact people are actively building a better future right now. It’s a tale of two records, Side A expresses our current frustrations and anger. Side B focuses on where we are going and the joy the journey brings us as we move towards a tomorrow where all people have their needs met to live their best lives.”

Move play pretty straightforward hardcore punk, letting the strength of the songwriting and the message speak for themselves. The album features a killer roster of guest appearances, including Kayla Phillips (Bleed the Pigs), Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece) and Christine Cadette (Zulu), which gives it some extra spice. Ultimately, Charpentier hopes that the songs on Black Radical Love will inspire others to take action in pursuit of a better world (and a better pit).

We want people to listen to these songs and become energized to act and figure out where they can take collective action with others. Just like we want people to take that same energy and be about that action in the pit too, songs that compel you to fight back against injustices and get down in the pit.”

Black Radical Love is out now. You can listen/buy it below.