Track Premiere: Nathanael Larochette – “Path”

Jonathan Lorange Photo

Virtuoso Canadian guitarist/composer/producer Nathanael Larochette will release his first album in seven years this summer, Old Growth, a haunting collection of solo acoustic compositions recorded in a woodland cabin on the shores of White Lake, Ontario.

From the multi-versed Musk Ox/The Night Watch guitarist and Agalloch collaborator, Old Growth saw its maker employ a slight touch and resolve to record each of the album’s pieces live in a single take, capturing the atmosphere of the moment in all its delicate glory.

Decibel proudly premieres Larochette’s latest single, “Path”. 

“One of my favorite compositions from Old Growth, ‘Path’ is a song about trusting the ground beneath your feet, even if you aren’t sure where it’s leading you. While it begins with the bass and melody notes united, their respective journeys constantly seem at odds, as each weaves around the other without ever quite meeting. When they finally reconnect, a newfound understanding emerges that maybe their respective paths were destined to diverge,” Larochette shared with Decibel.

“Over the years of performing minimalist solo guitar music, it is often assumed that because the songs are slow and relaxing that they are simple to perform but, unfortunately, this is rarely the case. This piece in particular nearly defeated me but I thankfully managed to complete a worthy take minutes before leaving the lakeside cabin where the album was recorded.

“A constant source of inspiration for my music and guitar playing can be credited to the Finnish dark folk band Tenhi, and as they’ve recently released their first album in nearly twelve years, I want to take this moment to encourage everyone to go explore their stunning work.”

Old Growth will be released independently on July 21st. Find LP, tab book, and digital orders at the official NATHANAEL LAROCHETTE Bandcamp page.