Video Premiere: Giant Spider – ‘Exit Plan’

Giant Spider are a new trio that consists of New York City/Long Island scene veterans on their latest mission to make heavy and fucked-up music. In the case of Giant Spider, the band builds from a hardcore punk base, giving it a bleak, grimy and metallic edge. To start things off, Giant Spider are set to release a two-song EP later this month but Decibel has the early scoop with the video for “Exit Plan.”

Starting off with driving punk chords, bassist/vocalist Richard Muller does away with melody, immediately layering his roar with sung vocals, creating a type of dissonant effect. As they progress through the song, the riffs get heavier and slower, with hints of metallic hardcore and doom creeping further into the music. The new song is paired with a video by noise purveyor Gridfailure; the psychedelic effects, shaky camera and occasionally harsh cuts result in a nightmarish vibe.

“I wrote a few tunes on guitar, and started locking them down with James Baldassano, who I met through the Long Island Heavy Metal History page, on drums,” says guitarist Tom Meehan. “Then we hit up Rich Muller for bass and vox duties; That’s when the songs really took shape, developing into ‘Exit Plan’ and ‘3 Moons.’ Taras Apuzzo [All Out War] came through big time with the production, mixing and mastering both songs, and of course providing the masterful guitar solo on ‘Exit Plan.’ Then we collaborated with Dave at Earsplit/Gridfailure who created the perfectly gloomy video for ‘Exit Plan.’”

Explaining the song’s meaning, Muller adds:

“In a time of desperation, light years away, lies the hidden planet of Gormock, an orbital mass of scarcity and limited resources, where only despair, turmoil, and the lack of vitality remain for what’s left of a fear-driven microcosm, similar to the human race. A combustible sphere controlled by none other than the Giant Spider alien breed.”