Blast Worship: Failure

Where they from?
Italy. I went bowling yesterday and bowled a 24. I gutter-balled five straight frames. It was the single saddest moment of my sporting career, of which there have been many. When I was 8 I got hit in the nuts twice in the same inning of a little league game, and yet somehow that was less painful than bowling a 24. 

Why the hype?
Is there a difference between fastcore and powerviolence? I asked this to my therapist the other day and he said the same thing he always says: “I’m still waiting on payment for the last session.”

My complaint about both genres is how many bands will release entire albums that have absolutely no riffs. I don’t need everyone to be Scott Hull but, I mean, come on. Luckily Failure do NOT have that problem as their songs are absolutely crawling with catchy riffs and the band does a really great job of just adding little intricacies to their songs that help make them infinitely more memorable than most of their fastcore brethren.

Latest release?
Obstinate, self-released. The other thing I really like about this band is that everything feels very panicked and high paced. It’s incredible how bands will call themselves grind or powerviolence and then just spend all this time sort of lumbering around aimlessly expecting TRVE GRIND NERDS like me to not notice. I will gladly take another pitch to the nuts than have to deal with that fucking bullshit.