Track Premiere: Cronos Compulsion – ‘Sacred Butchery’

Death metal is at its finest when the songs are about cutting shit into bits and pieces. Such is the case with “Sacred Butchery,” the latest offering from Denver trio Cronos Compulsion. At a lean 3:16, Cronos Compulsion keep things moving briskly. There are traces of death/doom found on “Sacred Butchery” and on the Malicious Regression EP at large, but it’s mostly an old-school death metal affair with hints of brutal death metal in the song’s latter half.

“Life cannot be sustained without continuous death,” explains frontman Wil Wilson. “Death feeds life in nature often literally, and the ability to extract energy from a corpse using tools is one of our most important human traits. This one is a lot of fun to play live and Austin made this track sound super heavy on the recording.”
Listen to “Sacred Butchery” below. Malicious Regression is out on May 12 via Caligari.

Photo: Julius Garrido