Track Premiere: Bad Manor – “Love Song” (The Damned Cover)

Bad Manor

If you’re too metal for punk, hopefully you at least make an exception for, in my humble opinion, the original kings of punk, The Damned. Bad Manor certainly do, and they’ve dropped a stand-alone track release of “Love Song” by The Damned themselves.

This track was originally available on a tape that was distributed prior to the band’s latest release, The Haunting, out last month and out on vinyl soon via Labyrinth Tower  and CD via Avantgarde. The tape was released with alternative artwork, no credits, and to make it even more cvlt, it was wrapped in foil, tied with twine, and had a rusty house key attached. The whole thing was dipped in wax, and only 93 were made.

Now, if you weren’t one of the lucky few to get the original tapes, you can still check out this very weird and exclusive release right here with us.

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