Track Premiere: Inny – “The Soup and its Mass”

Photo by James Rexroad

With its quirky name, this Portland based post-hardcore trio has no doubt fostered a plethora of bellybutton discussions. Which is weird, but people like to compare these things. (For the record, we’re sporting an “inny.”) Beyond the whole bellybutton thing, Inny—Brody M (guitar/vocals), Dan O’Hara (bass), Toby Edelhart (drums)—are offering up a hearty gut-punch (see what we did there) with their new single, “The Soup and its Mass.” This four-plus-minute jag offers a high-energy romp through angular ’90s noise rock and post-punk melodicism. It’s a little bit dissonant, a little bit pretty and a 100 percent powerful.

“The Soup and its Mass” comes from the trio’s upcoming second album, Pipins. The nine-track Pipins was recorded during the pandemic and mixed by the band in their home studio. It’s set for release on vinyl and digitally, December 16, via Nadine Records. You can preorder your copy here.

Here’s what Toby Edelhart had to say about the track:
“Growing up on a lot of big ‘H’ hardcore, it wasn’t before long that my musical ear evolved and I discovered the more expansive sounds of Unwound and Isis. I enjoyed the layers and textures of those bands, almost making the visceral moments all the more profound. For some reason, I never listened to Drive Like Jehu. Being from Massachusetts, I grouped them in with all the emo-bands, and I was a hardcore kid. It was a non-starter. Lo and behold, years later, I meet Brody and Dan in Portland and am quickly shown the error of my ways. With ‘Soup’ I think we try to capture that lightning in a bottle, but like Jehu, we take the opportunity to stop and look at how beautiful it is.”